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How to buy your first house in this crazy market! #firsttimehomebuyer

Do you have questions about buying a home? If you are a first time home buyer, the info contained here is a great start!

Q: What’s the first step of the home buying process? A: Getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Unless you are able to pay cash for a house, you’ll need to get a mortgage. In order to know how much you can afford for a home, you will need to get pre-approved for a loan. This should always be the first step in the home buying process.

Q: How long does it take to buy a home? A: The average time of closing on a home is around 30-45 days. The timeline is going to vary from person to person but once you find a house and get your offer accepted, it usually takes about 30 days to close.

Q: What does a Realtor do and do I need one? A: A realtor is going to be your most valuable asset when it comes to buying a home. They are going to be there to walk you through every step of the home buying process. They will represent you in the transaction and beyond. They should also be there t…
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Attention Buyers: How to Avoid a Bidding War on a home to buy

Bidding wars are hard on all parties involved. When you find a home that fits all of your requirements, make sure you write an offer quickly and make it attractive to the seller. Strategy is going to come into play when you are facing a bidding war and here are some ways to avoid those bidding wars as a buyer.

Make your first offer your best offer. Do your research before putting pen to paper. If you come up with comparables that justify the full price, offer full price. Don’t play around with the asking price. If there is a lot of interest in the property, put in an offer above the asking price as long as your pre-approval allows you to go that high.

Submit your pre-approval and proof of funds.Sellers want to see that you have the amount available for a downpayment. The lower your down payment is, the more the seller is going to question it. Sellers are usually looking for strong buyers and showing proof of funds helps to reassure the seller that you’ll be able to make up the differen…

10 Things Nobody Tells you About #BuyingaHouse

10 things that only Real Estate agents like us will tell you! Buying a house can be a very exciting time and you need to be prepared. Our agents are well versed in this process and are ready now to show you the way!
1. The average person looks at 15 properties before making an offer. That doesn’t mean that some people don’t fall in love with the first home they see and make on offer on that one. For others, it may take up to 40 houses, but trust us when we say you’ll know when you’ve found the right one.

2. You don’t pay your real estate agents commission. Luckily for the buyers, it’s the sellers that pay their commission. There may be some other fees that are tied in, but your agent will be upfront with you about that.

3. Even though you told yourself you shouldn’t and wouldn’t, you’re going to end up looking at homes out of your price range. Whether you’re just browsing online or out and about, you’re going to find homes that aren’t in your price range and you’ll probably fall in lov…

Q and A with Chris Fritch #heirs #taxes written by Benny L Kass

My wife and I are retired and are in our seventies. We have two children, and our house is currently worth approximately $300,000. We purchased the property many years ago for $32,000, and currently have a very small mortgage and a $40,000 home equity loan. We are debating on whether to sell the house and take the up-to-$500,000 exclusion of gain or to let our children inherit the house when we pass on.

What are the implications of all of this appreciation on our estate if we do not sell our house before we die. Must my heirs pay tax on the entire appreciation? How is this covered in the Tax Code? A.  This is a very complicated issue, and you must seek advice from your tax advisors. It is especially important now that Congress has enacted a major change in the tax laws -- much of which is still under review by the tax experts. You should also discuss your concerns with your children, although the final decision can only be made by you. Oversimplified, the basis of inherited property…

Townhome treat is on the market!!

Incredible end unit townhome is for sale!! 
Built with amazing extras - lighting, light switches, and a big 3rd bedroom! The laundry suite is on the upper level for the utmost convenience! Don't miss it cause it will be gone in a flash!

11562 Elmwood Ave N

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Home for sale in Ramsey!

14260 Uranium St NW
Start your legacy here in this amazing home on a quiet, fenced in corner lot. Stainless steel appliances adorn the custom kitchen, Pella windows let the natural light stream in. Relax and recharge in the private master suite complete with a walk-in closet and your very own luxurious bath. Spend some quality time in the lower level amusement room while entertaining at your bar area. Sit a while in the Pergola! There is a paver brick patio off the deck. AHHHH! Just think of the new memories that will be made here!

Brought to you by the Chris Fritch Team Keller Williams Classic Realty 763-746-3997

Should you Price your Home Higher to Leave Room for Negotiations?

This is a common question that sellers are asking when listing their home. We want you to be prepared when it comes to listing your home and we want you to feel comfortable with pricing your home to sell.
Here’s what you should know and understand from the buyer’s perspective on the pricing of homes.

Let’s say you decide to price your home higher than what you’d accept as the selling price. What will happen after that? Buyers will be looking at other homes. Most often, buyers have been pre-approved for a mortgage when they start looking at potential homes. When pre-approved, they have a certain range that they can afford so they will be looking at homes within that price range. Before listing, you were likely advised by your agent of your home’s competition; those homes actively for sale, other homes you will be competing with to get your home sold. If the other homes are priced to sell and within their price range, buyers are going to be looking at those homes instead of yours. Remem…