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Top 10 #Tips for #Selling Your Home during the #Holidays

   Selling your home in the winter isn't as bad as you may think. Here are 10 tips to keep it jolly!

1.       Deck the halls, but don’t go overboard.
·         Be careful not to overdo the #holidaydecorations. While homes tend to look the best during the Holidays, you don’t want to overwhelm buyers with too many decorations or big items that may clutter the home. Also, opt for more general decorations rather than religious themes.  
2.       Hire a reliable Real Estate agent
·         When hiring a Real Estate agent, make sure they are going to be there for you through everything, even the Holidays. You don’t want an agent who will drop you when the Holiday seasons come around.
3.       Look for those motivated buyers.
·         Typically, when buyers are searching for homes during the Holiday season, they tend to be more serious buyers.
4.       Make curb appeal a top priority for your house.
·         When winter rolls around, with bare leaves, houses are more exposed. So make sure your paint is touched up and the exterior of the home is up to par. Also, attend to the sidewalks and walkways so that they are shoveled and well maintained to insure buyer’s safety while touring your home.
5.       Take top notch photos
·         Create a great first impression for buyers that are searching online! Photos are flattering and high quality attract more buyers! Avoid taking photos with your cell phone or IPad. Having an outdoor picture of the home during spring or summer is a nice touch to see what the house looks like year round.
6.       Create a video tour for the internet or a sneak peek video
·         Giving a tour/sneak peek to potential buyers on the internet will make them more inclined to want to see the home in person if the video is done nicely. Give them snippets of the home’s great features and leave them wanting to see more!
7.       Make your house cozy and inviting
·         During showings, make sure the heat is turned up to a comfortable temperature, do some subtle baking, and have scents around the house to match the season. This will provide a nice welcoming touch.
8.       Price to sell
·         Buyers are typically more motivated around the holidays so make sure you do your homework with your agent on pricing. Take your agents advice, even if it isn’t exactly what you had in mind. This is their job and they know what they’re talking about!
9.       Offer holiday cheer in the form of financing
·         If you’ve got the financial means, offer a home loan to serious buyers. Sometimes this can be a better option for buyers instead of going through lenders. 
10.   Relax – the New Year is around the corner
·         This is a stressful time of year with the planning that goes into Holidays but just remember, if you don’t sell the house right away, there is always next year which isn’t too far away!

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