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Want to throw the ultimate #SuperBowl party? Here are some tips!

So you want to throw the most memorable Super Bowl Game party that your friends will be talking about until … well, next year? Here’s a few things you can do to score a touchdown of your own this season.PLAN YOUR GUEST LIST Your number one to-do for the big game is be prepared. Plan your guest list before sending out any invites. Build your list according to how many people you can comfortably fit in your home or specified venue. Think about who will need a spot to sit and watch the entire game in comfort and who will be up moving and mingling with friends. An extra rule-of-thumb: be sure that everyone can see a TV!CLEAN UP, STOCK UP, SET UP The week before the party give yourself plenty of time to do a deep clean. Vacuum, dust, windex, get rid of all of the dog hair… you know what to do. Once your home is squared away and there’s room for supplies, it will be time to stock up with groceries, party supplies, ingredients for the best game day dishes and cocktails (keep reading!), and …

How to prepare your home for #vacation

With the winter upon us, many people can't wait to get out of town. Here are tips to keep your home safe while you are away. If you'll be gone for a couple weeks or more, I suggest following all these steps. If it's a short trip, you may choose to omit some. Here we go! 1. To start, you'll want to purge your refrigerator and pantry of any perishables. You'll likely have household staples (sugar, flour, etc.) that you won't want to toss; store those in tightly sealed containers. 2. Round up all of your trash bags and take them out to your garbage bin. Make sure you bring your garbage bin to the curb so the garbage crew can access your trash. 3. Scan your yard, patio, or deck for any outdoor items and furnishings you might have left there and bring them indoors. 4. Water your plants, or hire someone to come by and water them while you're gone. And don't forget to feed your pets and hire a caretaker for them if they're not coming with! 5. Ask a trustworthy n…

Top 10 #Tips for #Selling Your Home during the #Holidays

Selling your home in the winter isn't as bad as you may think. Here are 10 tips to keep it jolly!

1.Deck the halls, but don’t go overboard. ·Be careful not to overdo the #holidaydecorations. While homes tend to look the best during the Holidays, you don’t want to overwhelm buyers with too many decorations or big items that may clutter the home. Also, opt for more general decorations rather than religious themes.   2.Hire a reliable Real Estate agent ·When hiring a Real Estate agent, make sure they are going to be there for you through everything, even the Holidays. You don’t want an agent who will drop you when the Holiday seasons come around. 3.Look for those motivated buyers. ·Typically, when buyers are searching for homes during the Holiday season, they tend to be more serious buyers. 4.Make curb appeal a top priority for your house. ·When winter rolls around, with bare leaves, houses are more exposed. So make sure your paint is touched up and the exterior of the home is up to par. …

The New Tax Plan: When It Comes To Real Estate, Who Wins And Who Loses? WRITTEN BY JAYMI NACIRI

We have all heard a lot about the new tax plan, which was approved and sent to President Trump to be signed on Wednesday, Dec. 20. Depending on where your politics lie and your individual financial situation, you may have a positive or negative take on the tax bill. But how does it impact real estate? That also depends on a few things, like where you are buying a house, how much money you have, and what you intend to do with it. "The new tax plan has been framed as a deathblow to the American dream by some real estate professionals and groups, who warn of falling home prices, a new generation trapped in renting, and an exodus of residents from the highest-cost cities and states," said "But are these fears surrounding the new, lower cap on mortgage interest deduction - and the incentive for taxpayers not to use it - overblown? Or are there indeed big repercussions to come? That all depends on whom you ask - and where they live." We're breaking down…

Why The Next Two Weeks May Be The Best Time To #Buy #NewConstruction All Year!

If you're looking to buy a home and you would really like to get something in escrow before the end of the year, you might be facing a "slim pickings" situation. Inventory issues have plagued the market for several years, and despite a positive real estate outlook, the lack of homes has kept many buyers out of the game. That's one of the reasons home buyers have been choosing new U.S. homes jumped last month to the highest level since October 2007, a sign that Americans - unable to find existing homes - are turning to new construction," said USA Today. "New home sales leaped 18.9% in September to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 667,000, the most in a decade. Sales rose in all regions including the South, where they increased nearly 26%." Existing home inventory isn't expected to get better until at least the last half of 2018. So, if a brand new home is something you'd consider, think about this: the next two weeks could be the best time t…

Q and A with Chris Fritch @KellerWilliams Classic Realty

Question. Our house is free and clear. We have a $100,000 home equity line of credit, and the interest rate is somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 percent. We itemize tax deductions and are in a high federal tax rate, and hoping that any new tax laws will reduce our taxes. My question concerns using the home equity loan for investment. We are considering using $50,000 of the home equity line of credit and investing it in a growth stock for the next five years. An accountant/tax advisor, however, is strongly in favor of having an unencumbered house especially as we are close to retirement. Answer. It is a strong belief that homeowners -- of any age -- should make use of the equity they have gained from their real estate investments. As this column has suggested in the past, there are too many retired persons who are "house rich and cash poor." Hopefully, your house will appreciate in the future, and this appreciation will continue whether you have equity or not in the home. Thu…

Innovative Rent-To-Own Program Could Be The Answer To Your Down Payment Dilemma #strappedforcash


Strapped for cash and desperate to buy a home? We hear ya. While today's homeownership rate is trending back up after reaching its lowest level since 1965 last year, there are still thousands upon thousands of people who would love to become homeowners but who are stymied by the lack of a down payment.

Photo by Lea Böhm on Unsplash Yes, loans you can get through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) require as little as 3.5% down, and some other loans out there drop that minimum down payment even lower. But rents that just continue to rise across the country can keep cash-strapped folks from being able to get together the savings required to get in the door - literally. Rent-to-own company Home Partners of America may have an answer. Yes, rent-to-own. Before you scrunch up your face at the idea of something that sounds too good to be true or something that brings back memories of "old school" arrangements that could prove costly for potential buye…

Mind. Blown. @Anoka! SOLD!!!!!!

There are so many updates at this cozy home that it is mind-blowing! Hardwood floors have been refinished to perfection, the kitchen is galley style and has been updated with new appliances, cabinets, and hardware, and the bathroom has been refreshed too! The landscaping has been touched up and the new paint all around is barely dry. Pack your bags and move on in! 

Brought to you by the Chris Fritch Team Keller Williams Classic Realty 763-746-3997

1915 State Ave Anoka MN 55303

Get your golf game ready! PENDING!!!

This home for sale is in a golf course development with wildlife traipsing through the wetlands in the back! Close enough to walk to the intermediate school, landscaped beautifully and an irrigation system too. Upgrades are plentiful including custom finishings - stamped patio, cabinetry, stone walls and vanity in the baths, and French doors in the 4th bedroom! Oui oui!! 

How To Create An Enjoyable Outdoor Space On a Budget

The lawn and landscape outside your home can be your own personalized creation, and it does not have to be expensive. It is through the effort of creating what you want within your limitations – both financial and physical – that you come to love the space you craft. By learning frugal methods to care for your lawn and landscape, you can have the lawn you want within the budget you can afford. Xeriscaping By installing native plants, mulching appropriately and minimizing the size of your actual lawn, you can save a lot of money on maintenance and watering. Your local Master Gardener group, or the local city government, will likely have information on xeriscaping for your area. Lush green lawns are certainly beautiful and pleasant to play on, but they are also resource intensive. Unless you are one of the lucky few that live in an area with heavy rainfall, you will spend large amounts of money keeping a large lawn alive. According to, a 4,000 square foot lawn takes an aver…

Brand Spankin New! #newconstruction

Another exceptional home is under construction by this award-winning builder! Top of the line features in this majestic home includes a 2 story foyer that leads to the heart of this house that is wide open! Flowing from the great room to the dining room to the kitchen makes for an easy and comfortable living. The master suite is a sight to behold! A huge walk-in closet rests at the other end of this suite as you pass through the exquisite and private master bath. Laundry is a breeze on this level and is crazy convenient. Nothing has been overlooked here! Make it your own and choose your favorite colors! 
4 CAR GARAGE!!!!  5678 152nd Ln NW Ramsey MN New construction by Caliber Homes Inc! Represented by the Chris Fritch Team Keller Williams Classic Realty                                                                                                                           763-746-3997

What #Millennials want in a #homeforsale

Research has lead us to info on what Millennials might want in a new home:

1. Environmental designs delivers in small spaces

Millennials are creative when it comes to creative solutions for outdoor spaces. They embrace outdoor living. They want fire pits and fireplaces outdoors as well as vegetable beds and love the idea of growing their own food.

2. Environmentally friendly choices

Millennials will opt to use recyclable materials because it is the responsible choice.

3. They love landscaping

This group is fine with landscaping as they love to spend most of their time outdoors. Smartphone apps that can control irrigation and lighting systems are a must.

4. Not really into pools, hot tubs, and water features.

They are expensive and high on water usage. Spending so much time outdoors they don't want anything that will inhibit their weekend travel plans because of their regular maintenance schedule.

5. Playtime

Would rather meet at a nearby park than have a big bulky playset in their …