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Save Money on Energy Bills

SAVE ON HEATING BILLS Winter is here which normally means your energy costs are about to go sky high and Jack Frost is going to be nipping at your nose. With these fantastic ideas you’ll be able to stay warm and keep your bills at a reasonable level. You won’t have to spend a fortune or do any drastic renovations, these must have tips are free or inexpensive and will make a big difference on your bills and your warmth. Bubble Wrap Window Insulation – This cheap and effective way to insulate your windows will keep the cold out and the warmth in. Available at your local home improvement store. Why You Should Close Your Curtains – It creates a brilliant barrier stopping Jack Frost in his tracks. Hanging curtains, and closing them at dusk, can make a significant difference to the warmth of your house, and to how much you spend on heating. Maintain Your Furnace – Any major work should be done by a professional, however it’s going to be working overtime, so a little TLC won’t go amis…